It took me a lot of thinking and reassurance before I told myself I would write my thoughts about the NBA 2016 finals. Of course as a wife of a passionate Warrior fan it was heartbreaking for us to witness our team lose, especially when it was so close! From being up 3-1 and within a split second our possible back to back title was taken away. No doubt it was a great series and Cleveland adjusted and came out hungrier. So congratulations Cleveland!

The moral of my feature is to remind the beautiful wives and partners of men with stature to support them the best way we know.  Most especially when they are in the light where this generation of “millenniums” love to judge. Yes, as much love I have for the Curry family I would like to make Ayesha Curry’s actions on social media as lesson learned for others. I can speak from experience being with my husband during his PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) career was not easy being a spectator. I was definitely VERY lucky that social media was not at its prime during my husbands career.


Basketball games are fun to watch being a fan, but being a partner of a player and being a fan are two different experiences. I always say that being a wife and knowing the importance of a game to my husband, team and families there is more pressure to win. Most times I want the team to win but more importantly finish the game with my husband healthy. It’s always tough to see any athlete hurt and not able to do their job properly. It’s a cut throat career to have, but an exciting one. Every second counts to stay healthy, there is always someone waiting to take your place.

As a wife we have a very important role, we make sure the family and the home is safe and secure while our husbands put their bodies to war everyday so they can win championships and provide. My husband always says it takes years and years to build a positive outlook for yourself, but it takes one second of doing something negative that will hurt that reputation and career.
Let us use social media to express positive thoughts that will give us success for the long term. At times of pressure allow your self to think quick and shy away from blurting something you will regret just like Ayesha Currys tweets. You will never know who you will hurt by your actions, best to always follow what we teach our children “When you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”
Peace & Love,
Mafae B