James MacKay Foundation desires to uplift the lives of the disabled and less fortunate by giving them hope, inspiring them to take a second chance at life. Currently, the foundation is focusing on raising funds to build the livelihood centers for its beneficiary. Together with MacKay Green Energy Inc. (MGE), the foundation supports the people with disabilities for the betterment of their lives and empowering them to work on their strengths and weaknesses.

JMF aspires to expand the Philippine National School for the Blind’s (main beneficiary of the foundation) causes to various provinces throughout the Philippines. The Philippine National School for the Blind produces amazing and talented children who are to be the adults of tomorrow.

Funds are being raised for the livelihood centers of the beneficiaries. Livelihood programs are made possible by MacKay Green Energy Inc. through farming which helps the lives of the farmers and their families.

As the foundation encourages everyone to spread the JMF’s awareness, it also promotes its merchandises. One can help in his own little ways through purchasing James MacKay Foundation’s merchandises. Donations are also accepted through our website at www.jamesmackayfoundationinc.com. Funds will go directly to the foundation’s main beneficiary – the Philippine National School for the Blind.

Knowing that there are still children who remain in the dark, James MacKay Foundation encourages you to “Dare to Care.”