Meet our precious addition to Team Belasco

My Dad: Hello?

Me: Pa have to tell you something…

My Dad : Oh Ano? (Oh what’s that?)

Me: I’m pregnant =)

My Dad : Huh?! Again!?!

Lol! Yup to everyone’s surprising reactions Hahaha. Fun fact about my family is when people would ask how many kids we already have, off the bat we say “Four!”. In all honesty I will always add in my boat “2 physically and total of 4 emotionally, not unless you want to add Nic ha”. Fitness & Health is very important to me, making sure I can be strong enough to take care of my big family is my priority. In the Philippines, it’s the culture to greet people on how they look. It’s never “How have you been?” Or “It’s so good to see you again.” It’s usually “Wow you lost weight!” or “Oh my goodness you have gained weight.” So having four children is always something I am questioned about. So I keep it truthful.



Had to be sure if God was for real with us so I purposely bought ⇑ two tests to prove it lol

Finally through the first trimester and yes again! Team Belasco is officially adding another beautiful soul to this World.

P tracker⇐Definitely the app to have if your “trying”. Key word “trying”. In my case it was to monitor my period lol jinxed myself. It is very accurate tho.

Keep posted on my updates #theworldisyoursbymafaebelasco #buntisdiariesedition =)

I’ll touch on changes in my body and how it feels. Cravings – oh mmm ggeee food definitely taste so good. Will be sharing on great finds on yummy healthy goodies so you don’t have to worry about the calories after pregnancy.


I hope you enjoy the BUNTIS (preggo) ride with me these next months =)