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Baby Protons is a group of Moms in the Philippines supporting and guiding each other through raising children. They are all super moms because they have successful businesses and eager to know more about balancing their time with their growing families. Kimi (@kimilulifecoach) wears so many hats when it comes to spreading positivism, creating this group has to be one of my favourites.



While the Mamas were bonding, the little kiddos were participating with Teacher Leana and other teachers of ‘Toddler House’. It is an exclusive home-based play school where the kids meet young toddlers and play together. It is more of a structured-play type of school at the comfort of your own home. Since I am a home school mom this was perfect for my little boy Noah to have. Although ‘Toddler House” caters to 10month olds till 1year and half only, Noah (7 months old) was curious and excited to see the kids play. Activities included storytelling, singing (with actions), watching educational video clips, water balloons, pasta wagon and rattles, sandbox, painting and a lot more.

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It was fun meeting and chatting with other super moms. Although, I had the most number of kids, I still learned a lot from these women through their experiences and advices. Its a nonstop learning process when it comes to being a parent. So happy to be part of the Baby Protons group! Thanks, Kimi!


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Photos by Nico Belasco (@nicobelasco)



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