Every Christmas seems to get better and better for Team Belasco, I remember last year watching the beautiful light show at Ayala Triangle with Nic and the kids. This year we are amazed with the light decorations in our own village. Simple things like these we pass on to our kids on the true meaning of Christmas. We all grow up knowing Santa well, but do we take the time and effort to really appreciate to why December 25th is called Christmas. Of course as a Catholic/Christian we know Jesus was born on this day. Jesus story is about giving his time, efforts and gifts to others. Ultimately He sacrificed His life in order for our sins to be forgiven. We want our children to understand that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and giving to others the way He gave to us.
This year Nic and I decided to start our family tradition for our kids, we gave them a PHP500 pesos budget to buy a gift for each of the family members. At first they thought about buying their own presents and making Christmas cards for each other. To our surprise as “homeschooling children” not only did it practice their mathematics but they had fun. We gave them an option to add more money if they had saved throughout the year.

kids also practiced on recycling their gift wrapping =)

Over all Christmas Eve was full of happiness, the delight on their faces handing out the gifts they personally purchased and chose for each other gave them more of a fulfillment. Nic was an only child so he was amazed with how the kids took this special challenge. They are now making plans on how they will go about Christmas 2016. Success for Daddy and Mommy, I strongly suggest this exercise for big families with young children. Not only do they learn the true meaning of Christmas early, they will also have fun deciding what gifts to share. Perfect example our daughter Nicci, 7years old, we told her she needs to get something for her brothers that they will need. Nicci to our surprise had the great idea of giving them all one roll of toilet paper, a pair of underwear and their favorite chocolate bar. Not only did she meet her budget, she had fun watching their faces when they opened their goodies : )

from Nicci lol

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Merry Christmas! God bless you…..
Love Mafae B