With a history that spans over thousands of years, the glutinous rice
cakes, or known as nian gao, have always been present in Chinese New Yeae
ceremonies and festivities. The sweet sticky delicacy is believed to bring
prosperity, and promises a better year. Whether it is enjoyed with the
family,or given as gifts,they are truly perfect staples to celebratr new

Indulge in this symbolic delicacy from the finest ingredients with a
stylish collection to enjoy, choose betwee the Double Happiness Koi Nian
Gao, ehich includes two (2) pieces of the cake in orange and coconut flavor
at Php 1,388; and the Traditional Round Nian Gao,with a choice of ube or
brown sugar flavor, for one (1) piece per box, at Php 988. These delights
are available until February 21, 2018.

In the advent of a more discerning food market in the Philippines, Marco
Polo Ortigas Manila takes the stage with Lung Hin – a Cantonese restaurant
located at the 44th level of the hotel. It features contemporary Chinese
flare offering traditional and authentic Cantonese food and fresh
seafoodmade by its very own Hong Kong chefs. Lung Hin has been recognized
globally as it receives the award for one of the most outstanding Chinese
restaurantd outside of China, at the 16th China Hotel Industry Golden Horse
Awards Gala, organized by All China Federation of Industry & Commerce,the
award is known as the “Oscar” in the hotel indutry as it symbolizes the
highest recognition in the industry.

As Lung Hin delights guests through its exemplary service, tasteful
interiors and wonderful food creations, it promised an authentic and
traditional Cantonese dishes presented in a contemporary style. And under
the helm of the Chinese Executive Chef, Lai Cheuk Kou, or also known as
Chef Terry, it introduced a new selection authentic Cantonese dishes,
together with the classics with its new a la carte menu, from his 36 years
experience from different well-known restaurants and hotels around China
and Hong Kong. Dishes selected were carefully screened to provide only the
ones that pleases the palates, while bringing authenticity and fine
experience at each taste.

Boasting the new well-defined menu that goes across dim sum, carvery and
seafood, experience new dishes with a twist sich as Baked Prawns with
Cheese and Avocado, Peking Duck with Osmanthus Flower zjelly on Potato
Chip, and Chilled Dragon Fruits with Mango Mix. Different takes on dim sum
with Stesmed Vegetarian Dumplings and Steamed Mushroom Buns. Indulge in
Cantonese delicacies that are new additions to the line up of authentic
dishes with Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup and Braised Japanese Sea
Cucumber with Canadian Wild Rice.


I now where I’ll be this Chinese New Year! Attract prosperity with the auspicios Lunar New Year delicacy at Lung Hin.
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