The James Mackay Foundation and Zoomanity Group held a Dinner In The Dark event to give people a first hand experience into the lives of people that spend everyday without sight.035a2082

My beautiful friend Grace035a2105


We started our experience in the hall of Misono, where they blindfolded us and brought us into a room that was pitch dark. They explained where everything was, and then we were tasked to eat what we could without knowing where exactly it was.


As we ate in complete darkness, we listened to the musical stylings of the talented students of the Philippine National School of the Blind. Their voices were beautiful, and they played their instruments with unbelievable precise.


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Moses and Mikes’ plates at the end of the event035a2186

The talented students that performed for us035a2205

Being interviewed by ABSCBN035a2210

By the end of the night, the boys and I came t the realization that we are blessed to have all of our senses functioning properly. We learned that life without sight is tough, but not with the help of our God above.