Yesterday Nicci, Nico, and I went to Novotel to support my good friend, and Mafae Management talent, Cassie Umali. This was the first ever BodyCon for Golds Gym, so you know it was a grand celebration.


With my good friend Monique Manuel


Bumped into another friend of mine, Anja Peter


Cassie and I before the show

We took our seats and waited anxiously for the show to start. While we were outside we heard a lot of good remarks on Cassie, a lot of people were saying that she was their bet and that she had made a good impression on them pre-pageant.




I’ve been to many pageants before, but never one like this. So this was a first for us. It was nice seeing differences here and there. If I were to compare this to a beauty pageant, I’d say this is much harder because you’d have to train nonstop!



Cassie nailed the swimwear portion! She was a natural and definitely one of the crowd favorites!


After a series of performances, the finalists had a fashion show in their Guess outfits. One by one they worked the stage, the girls in their white tank tops and denim shorts and the guys in their white vests and shorts. Cassie really stood out, she was the only one to walk onto the stage with her shades on. As she was waiting, she danced along to the music- a huge positive presence!



Next was the announcement of the Mr. and Ms. Golds Gym Staff. The first tittle before the special awards. After they were crowned, they announced the special awards- the winners of these awards stood out in their workout challenges. We are so proud of you, Cassie!¬†And then came the announcement of the top 4. The judges had selected four males and four females to advance to the final round… and Cassie was the first one called!


The last portion before the coronation was the question and answer part, the make-or-break part of the contest. You can have the looks and the fans, but if you don’t have the communication skills, your chances of winning will be lower.

And now the moment we all were waiting for…. the announcement of Mr. and Ms. Shape and Mr. and Ms. Golds Gym Philippines. They called up the first runner-up for Ms. Shape… not Cassie! Yes! And then they called up Ms. Shape… again, not Cassie! We were down to the last two, one of them would be the runner-up and one of them would be the first ever Ms. Golds Gym Philippines.

“And Ms. Golds Gym Philippines runner-up is…” Moments later we were screaming at the top of our lungs! Cassie won! The first ever Ms. Golds Gym Philippines!!! So proud of you, Cassie!







Words cannot describe how happy I am for you, Cassie. We knew you could do it! Congratulations!!!

Photos by Nico Belasco