Half way there… 5 months Pregnant

Hair and Make up done by the very lovely talented Leslie Espino @lesferesp

Hair and Make up done by the very lovely talented Leslie Espino @lesferesp







So it’s been a journey… Time flies when your having fun lol

Definitely a roller coaster ride that I cannot control. My treat every month is seeing the growth of my tummy and knowing my little boy is growing healthy and active. Of course it takes a daily regime to make sure I and our baby is A Ok!

My usual day –

Wake up and my Malungay Zija all natural full of vitamins drink w/ Vegemite on toast or oatmeal

Organise my kids with their homeschool schedule and my workload for the day.

Lunch a healthy meal depends on what my cravings are but my go to at the moment is chicken curry with brown rice or salad with grilled chicken with fresh lemonade.

Snacks will consist fruits, mini oats cookies, yogurt and lots of water (you must always stay hydrated).

Dinner would be soothing meals such as soup based ulams (main course) Chicken Tinola, Chicken Sopas, or Wonton Noodles with lots of veges.


Sharing with you my beautiful daughters birthday week VLOG #5, most exciting is finding out the baby gender. I hope you enjoy.

Mafae Belasco

The World Is Yours

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