Thanks to my beautiful friend Mikaela Martinez, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Hegen, a new feeding bottle that is about to take the Philippines by storm!

With fellow mommies Yvon , founder of Hegen, and my PMAP sister Mikaela

Born out of the desire to enhance the breastfeeding journey for both mother and child, Yvon conceived a system that simplifies and complements the nursing experience and interaction with like-minded mothers to create Hegen- the perfect solution and every mother’s commitment to breastfeeding their child.

Hegen’s revolutionary, practical, and multifunctional solution ensures babies to get the best nutrients in their diets, while encouraging a sustainable breastfeeding lifestyle, and allowing mothers to carry on breastfeeding for as long as they want.

The modular system allows for mothers to seamlessly ‘Express-Store-Feed’ within a single container through the brand’s breast pump, adapters, storage, and feeding lids. This practical design allows users to minimize spillage and wastage- make every drop count and maximizing the goodness that can be drawn from nature’s gift.

Hegen’s best-selling PCTO PPSU (Polyphenulfone) containers can be easily converted from a storage container into a feeding bottle in less than five seconds by interchanging its lids. The unique PCTO one-hand closure and square shaped design is also the most efficient storage and feeding system in its class.

Nice seeing you again, Olivia! And welcome to the beautiful world of motherhood.

The award winning bottle brand from Singapore aims to create a sustainable, hassle-free and simple environment for mothers. Their revolutionary, practical, and multifunctional designs create a bonding experience for mother and baby that makes them feel that breastfeeding is a way to Cherish Nature’s Gift.

The softness of a Hegen teat mimics a lactating breast, promoting a natural latch-on, which is probably why Noah loves it so much! Not to mention it’s smart anti-colic venting system makes it easy to drink from the bottle while he’s upright.

This innovative bottle is now one of Noah’s favorite to use when he’s thirsty for water or milk. The flow of the liquid from the bottle is just right, not too fast and not too slow. And he enjoys the unique design it has in contrast to the bottles he is used to feeding with.

You can find Hegen products at a Baby Company near you!

Welcome to the Philippines, Hegen!

And thanks for the invite, Mikaela!


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