I told myself stay strong and push hard for my baby boy, last two strong pushes I gave a scream that felt like my brain vessels were going to explode. All the pain and strenuous long hours of labor went away when I felt him slip out.

DSC04453Dra Poblete carrying Noah for the first time

What a beautiful sight to see my baby boy out to experience the world.  Every pregnancy I had was different every time, I have to admit this had to be the hardest one. I learnt a lot from the experience and hope to help future mamas.


January 24th, 2015 I started feeling contractions lunch time, although they were mild ones I had a feeling it was going to happen soon. I hadn’t experienced feeling my water break naturally so I was hoping this time round I could. Contractions were becoming stronger towards the evening, we were at church and I was praying to God that my baby would be healthy and to give me strength. As soon as service was done Nic and I decided we would go straight to the hospital.

I cannot stress to you all about staying hydrated and eating enough before a long labor. Of course we are not sure exactly what will happen when its time, but if you have the chance to eat before being admitted please do. You will need all the energy to bring a beautiful new life to this world.  As much as I told myself I want to eat before I go to the hospital, I guess nervousness brought me to forgetting.  As soon as I entered the Delivery Room and the nurse did an IE (internal examination) she found out that I was 2cm opened already. So that meant no more drinking or eating for me. Arrggghh so here I was thirsty and hungry and contractions becoming stronger and stronger. My heart rate dropped to almost 40 beats per minute, which is not a good thing for anyone. My doctors kept calm and gave me the medicines I needed to help my heart rate turn normal again. Since my body was dehydrated and stressed from the labor it caused my heart rate to drop. So I cannot stress to you Mommies to be – water is your best friend!

All the pain and ill feeling all seem to disappear when that final push and the cry of a baby fills the room.

DSC04507Noah Nehemiah 7.2lbs and 21inches


IMG_5007 IMG_4993

Ate (Older sister) Nicci                                                  Kuya (Older brother) Moses



IMG_4988 IMG_4962

Kuya (Big brother) Mike                                               Daddy Nic

IMG_4982Kuya (Big brother) Nico



IMG_4977Lolo (Grandpa) Lito and Mama Jess (Grandma) IMG_5002Uncle Ezekiel

IMG_5085The Hill Family


Our first family photo!!!

IMG_5136Tita/Aunty Cassie

IMG_5137Godmother/Ninang Cherry

IMG_5051Aunty/ Tita CescaIMG_5149