Road traffic crashes are the second leading cause of injury death among Filipinos, including children. These incidents are so common that about 100 children, ages five to 12 become victims of road injuries every single day.

These numbers already are alarming, but things might get even worse. If road safety interventions are not introduced, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the total number of deaths and injuries are expected to rise by as much as 80% every year in low- and middle- income countries like the Philippines by 2020.

While the use of child restraints reduces the risk death or injury by as much as 80 percent, there is currently no legislation or regulation requiring the use of it in the Philippines.

It is amidst this backdrop that Mifold booster seats, the world’s most compact car seat for children, launches BuckleUpKidsPH, an education campaign aimed at raising public awareness about the necessity of observing road safety practices. BuckleUpKidsPH also hopes to empower children by giving them the proper information to keep themselves safe on the road.

Mifold is the grab-and-go booster seat that”s 10x smaller than regular booster seat. Because it’s compact and portable, kids can bring their Mifold wherever they go especially when they have to ride in other vehicles. They can use it when they’re traveling, commuting, carpooling, or visiting grandparents for the weekend. Big kids who think booster seats make them look like babies love Mifold, too.

Mifold is the solution for all those times that parents wished they had a compact and portable car seat that they and their children can bring around, keeping them safe no matter whose car they’re in.

Mifold is revolutionary as it changed the way booster seats work. Traditional booster seats raise a child upwards to fit an adult seat belt to fit the child snugly, taking the belt off the stomach and the neck. It is comfortable and easy to use by kids aged four to 12 years. More importantly, Mifold has been safety tested and meets or exceeds the United States’ FMVSS 213 standards, Canada’s RSSR regulations, and EU’s ECE R44.4 regulations. It is protected by various patents and design registrations.

Paola Loot Bronfman, president of Mommy Treats, the exclusive distributor of Mifold in the Philippines, says, “I’m a mom of two, and road safety is one issue that’s very close to my heart. A lot of families spend many hours of the day on the road. We drop off our kids to school. We bring them to their basketball practice or music lessons. We have them with us when we go on errands. But do we make sure that they are safe and secure inside our vehicles?

“There are also instances when our children have to ride on other vehicles like when they’re traveling, commuting, spending the weekend with Lolo and Lola, or carpooling with their friends. How do we keep them safe?”

“Mare than raising public awareness about road safety practices, BuckleUpKidsPH hopes to make buckling up a habit among Filipino families. We want to make the use of child restraints inside vehicles instinctive. We want families to consider it as smart habit as eating healthy or doing exercise,” she adds

In this regard, BuckleUpKidsPH has engaged the assistance of a group inspiring children to encourage kids and families to buckle up! The kid car safety ambassadors  of BuckleUpKidsPH include Geli Aventajado, 5, Sjofm Besler, 6, Eddie Calvo, 5, Riley Catral, 8,

For Philippines also expressed its full support to BuckleUpKidsPH. Established in July 2000, Ford Philippines is currently offering its widest lineup of class-leading cars, SUVs and trucks which includes the new Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford EcoSport, Ford Mustang, Ford Escape, Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer, and Ford Expedition. Apart from its commitment to further improving its customer experience, Ford Philippines welcomes initiatives which would ensure car safety for the riding, especially children.


At Ford, safety is one of our most important brand pillars. Our portfolio of smart and safe vehicles is a testament to our commitment to a safe driving experience, most especially for children. We are committed to supporting initiatives and partnerships that promote road safety awareness and safety driving practices,” says Lance Mosley, managing director, Ford Philippines.


Bronfan says, “We should never forget that our children are the future. If we start them early and steer them towards the right virtues and values then we would have done our part in making the world a better place. Through BuckleUpKidsPH, we are telling our children that they can take an active part in ensuring their safety on the road. They don’t have to depend on mom or dad. They can buckle up all by themselves. This instills in them a sense of responsibility. Through BuckleUpKidsPH, we want to teach them, we want to encourage them, we want to empower them”.


What you need to know about Mifold?


What is Mifold?

Mifold is the grab and go booster seat that’s 10x smaller than a regular booster seat, making is compact and portable. It is comfortable, safe, and easy to use by kids aged four to 12 years, from preschoolers to big kids.


How does Mifold work?

Mifold adjusts the adult-sizes seatbelt to securely fit a child. Two red lap belt guides hold the lap belt accurately on the hip bones. The shoulder strap and red clip aligns the chest strap with the child’s shoulder.


How do you put it on?

  1. Adjust Mifold to fit the child: side arms width and shoulder strap length.
  2. Fasten seat belt and insert the lap belt into both Mifold lap belt guides.
  3. Clio the Mifold shoulder strap onto the chest seatbelt to hold it on the shoulder.

*these three steps take less than 30 seconds.


What is Mifold made of?

Mifold is made from strong metal chassis of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum (as strong as steel) and Dupont ™ Delrin (r) 100ST, a super tough plastic polymer for superior impact resistance.


How compact is Mifold?

It is 10x smaller than the traditional booster seat. At 1.6lb (750g) Mifold weighs the same as a small bottle of water. It is so small that it can fit in your glove box or your child’s backpack.

How concinient is Mifold?

Your child can bring his mifold wherever he goes. You need not to bring a bulky booster seat whenever you have to bring him anywhere. What’s more, your child can use the Mifold when he has to ride in another vehicle, keeping him safe on the road always. They can use it when they’re carpooling, travelling, commuting, or visiting their grandparents. Families with three kids would also find Mifold convenient. With Mifold, you can safely secure your three kids in the backseat. With traditional booster seats, one can only seat two kids at the back.

Is Mifold safe to use?

Mifold is safety tested and meet or exceeds the United State’s FMVSS 213 standards Canada’s RSSR regulations, and EU’s ECE R44.4 regulations. It is protected by various patents and design registrations.

How do you keep Mifold clean?

Just wash the surfaces with a mild solution of soap and water, rinse, and then air dry.


Mifold is available in Perfect Pink, Pearl Gray, Slate Grey, Lime Green, Denim Blue, Taxi Yellow.


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