I had an amazing time meeting and catching up with some of my inspiring mommy friends at the Mommy Mundo Momfluence event.

I loved every second of the gathering put together by my beautiful friend Janice Villanueva. I met a lot of new, inspiring mommies that share the passion of positively influencing others around them. Whether it be with product know- how or personal stories, these ladies play big roles in helping new moms, and seasoned moms lives by doing what they do.

With the talented Sheila Catilo

It’s always a good time with my mare Lj!

Backstory: We were playing “Bring Me” and they had announced to bring them a piece of clothing that was not our own. It just so happened that I was carrying a basketball jersey to bring to the office that day! I showed it to them and won the prize.

Purposeful Influence. Let’s put our voices and platforms to good use by spreading positivity to not only mommies, but everyone around the world. Keep inspiring ladies!