Another year of homeschooling for the Belasco family and what a fun journey it is. I cannot express the advantages we have found ever since we decided to homeschool our children. Now I am excited to have our youngest Noah Nehemiah to start also.

It is true what they say ‘You will never really get it til you experience it yourself!’ So what a better way to learn more about the joys of homeschool than hearing it from the experts.

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Hope to see you all there. Make sure you reserve your slot as soon as you can. I have learned alot from being a homeschool parent and there are times I wished my parents homeschooled me. Learning and educating yourself is a start, no matter what a parents love is priority. If you have any questions regarding homeschooling and how to start feel free to write me a comment or email on mafae@mafaebelasco.com

It is a special gift to have children why not cherish more time with them and watch how they evolve with true happiness.