Halloween is a time when we enjoy dressing up in costumes and collect Tricks or Treats around the neighborhood.  At Pioneer St Market on October 23rd, 2016 starting at 10am, a fun filled event will be held.

PSM is encouraging a Fun+Fitness+Foodie Treats theme for their Halloween celebration.


In partnership with Toddler House and 360 Fitness Club, there will be a workshop for prenatal and post-natal moms to try out! Get #BabyProtons fit!


In between the 360 Fitness club workshops, you can attend The Parenting Emporium’s Breast Feeding for the Working Mom class! And on top of that, you can find amazing parenting tools and goodies at their both, which will also be set up!


Downstairs, food and refreshments can be found from all of our brand partners above! One thing I love about Pioneer St. Market is that there is so much to choose from! Delicious apples from Bad Apple, pick-me-up coffee from Current Swell, meat pies from Tasty Tucker, and much, much, more!