I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my friend Kimilu, and a bunch of lovely ladies at Posh Nails. We talked about positivity, and went deeper into meanings and symbolism of words, connections, and spirituality- all of this over pedicures, of course.




Who knew there could be so much more to an object? For instance, one object we talked about was a candle and how it symbolizes time and life, rough at some points, and smooth at others. A knife can symbolize sharpness of life, strength in relationships, and so much more! I was truly amazed.


Other than words and meanings, we spent a while chit chatting while getting our pedicures. I sat next to Reg. We got to talking and I discovered that she was from Australia too! And then we found out that we went to the same high school! How coincidental is that?!



I also sat next to a fellow PBA Wife, Angela and my new friend Cristina who’s a lawyer. We laughed non stop and had a great time getting to now each other.


We also learned about body language and color-emotion connections. Did you know that blue represents creativity? I had no idea!


Using one of Kim’s soothing instruments. This bowl made sounds every time you hit it and made circles around it with the stick. Very pleasing to the ears!035A3573

I had a really good time getting to know the lovely ladies above!

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So much fun that I decided to do the workshop on my kids the next day!