It has been an amazing birthday week. So many blessings from God, only makes my heart extremely happy. This year has brought so many memorable and precious moments already. Celebrating my birthday with my youngest son Noah Nehemiah for the first time is a wonderful gift this year.


Something amazing, most probably one of the most fun filled, heart warming days Ive had in my life! I gathered a bunch of people that meant so much to me in one place, introduced them to each other, and gave them what I believe to be an amazing gift, a workshop conducted by my beautiful friend Kimi Lu.

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For those of you who don’t remember Kimi from my Positively Posh post, she is a life coach, a daughter of two marriage counselors, and a constant ray of sunshine, wherever she goes! I’m so glad she could conduct such an amazing workshop!







It was different from all the other years I celebrated my birthday, it was very special and the people who experienced it with me. It was a positive energy that allowed everyone to seek their inner passions to live better lives. The best thing about it is the common denominator was me. I definitely recommend everyone to try or host a special event like this for a loved one. Its the best present anyone could experience. One of my friends at the gathering said it was amazing and a great idea to celebrate a birthday. Usually birthdays are spent by indulging in alcohol then you are left with a bad hangover because everyone wants to buy you shots. In this sense your friends shower you with pure love a goodness that keeps you on a high to love life. The gratitude jar was my favourite, this is where everyone wrote small messages for me and why they simple cared. Now I write a note for my gratitude each day. Then I’ll read it at the next Birthday of mine. Great idea Kimi! Buy yours now by contacting @kimilulifecoach on instagram.

Thank you Chef Barbie for the beautiful and yummy Carrot Cake.


To my Aunt I look up to (Miss Philippines Universe 1984) Desiree and beautiful cousin for the macaroons made with love. sucre

My beautiful BUSA Tennis students Paloma and Bella for the surprise cake. Mommy Hannah you really got me there! Thank you!


To all the people that came to the surprise buffet dinner my husband prepared for me, thank you! It was so fun playing Yes, No or Maybe!



To my husband for the unconditional love an surprises you definitely made this year extra special. You finally got me this year. Thank you for my loves that joined the party, I appreciate you all.

Finally, my passion in life is being a mother and what a way to end the week by being a special guest along with my husband on Cat Juan Ledesma wonderful show ‘ Parent Files ‘. It was so much fun sharing my husband and I experiences on raising children. Look out for it this coming September 2016.


I believe that Birthdays are everyones special day or enjoying a new journey of life. Sharing that day with loved ones makes it extra special. Do share your special day with people you love and be happy that you have a new year to grow and enjoy life.


God Bless!