Mafae Management is a company dedicated to empowering individuals, working together to make their dreams come true. We look for hard working talents that strive for success . We push our talents reach their goals in the entertainment industry, and in life.

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  PR and Marketing Clientele

In the PR industry, Mafae Management works together with brands, businesses, and individuals in creating awareness and making them known to not only the Philippines, but the world.

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Brand Endorsements, Blog Ads and Partnerships


Mafae Belasco for Working Mom Magazine

Mafae Belasco for Working Mom Magazine

Mafae Belasco on the cover of Speed Magazine

Mafae Belasco on the cover of Speed Magazine


Team Belasco on the cover of The Rock Magazine

Team Belasco on the cover of The Rock Magazine

Mafae Belasco for Speed Magazine

Mafae Belasco for Speed Magazine




Mentor guest on Philippine Next Top Model 2017

Mastercard Ad Campaign 2017

I have years of experience in the modeling/ entertainment/ fashion /pageantry industry aside from from my career as a Talent/Pr and Marketing Director. Lets empower each other! Contact my team on

Creative Director

Australia Managing Director

Mafae Belasco

The World Is Yours

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