Literally right after my Make Me Up workshop, Nic and my team surprised me with a birthday get together with a bunch of family and friends that are close to my heart.

I walked into an unusually dark lounge and took a couple steps before hearing the shouts “Surprise!”. I remember smiling ear to ear, completely and genuinely surprised! And then they all came to me and hugged/welcomed me.

We started off our celebration with┬ásome birthday magic from my amazing friend, Kimi Lu- who always know how to put a smile on my face and cry happy tears. In fact, for my birthday last year, she did a workshop also! It’s become something of a tradition.

For this one, she had all of the guests come up in pairs and whisper messages of motivation, gratitude, and love to me as I closed my eyes and immersed myself in the moment. It was an unforgettable feeling hearing everyone’s messages. It touched me to the point that I started crying happy tears again.

And as I was in a state of joy – after their messages- they all came up to me individually and held my hands. Radiating the positive energy.

It is simply amazing seeing all these people from different walks of life, different paths of mine, come together to celebrate with me. Having a support system makes life all the more fun!

The kids surprised me with the awesome present they put together with their Tita Manel.

Thank you so much to everyone that came and surprised me! I love you all!


Photos by Nico Belasco