To end my fabulous Birth-week I decided to join the club and  start Vlogging. =)



Thanks to my inspiring Ate Carla, encouraging me to share my thoughts and words of wisdom to the WORLD. I guess that is pretty much what I am doing already with this blog, but in a more intimate way. Sounding romantic I know, but honestly speaking my family and I had so much fun putting this together.

To my intelligent and talented son Nico Belasco, for filming and editing our very first Vlog you are awesome, love you and I am so proud of you. Like Peter Kirk says you will do great things behind those lenses.

November Carey, my forever awesome GodMother to my children…is definitely an inspiration. Trust me you are! Watch out for her and her TRUE to life tips about beauty, love and family life. Love you mare!

I dedicate this Vlog to the DREAMERS who keep their eyes open. Law of Attraction works so attract the POSITIVE always xoxox Happy Watching : )