Being surrounded by inspiring strong mums was a breath of fresh air. It’s like we spoke the same language of life. Only a mum will know what another goes through with the hustle and bustle of being the backbone of their families. Whether it be with having one child or five like mine. Thank you Carrier for uniting us and reassuring us that we are doing a great job.

We did art, learned about simple living and being organized at home. The best part I personally enjoyed was the talk from the beautiful Michele S. Aliganay, MA,RP,RGC on Embracing the Imperfections of Family Life.


52A7B2C5-E2AF-4F65-B66B-DC3CD11E573E035A4692Of course the coolest part of our gathering was getting to know Carriers brand you sexy must haves in our homes.  An air conditioner that is stylish and perfect for the use of just about anybody! 035A4481


Style and function are two must haves when it comes to lifestyle essential. Carrier Philippines has given the SlimPac series a bit of a makeover with the introduction of the Klarwind and XPower 2 floor mounted air conditioners. Not only does it quickly cool it’s surroundings, but it also very easily blends in pretty much anywhere!


They are powerful in performance, energy efficient, and alluringly elegant! And on top of all this, the Klarwind and X Power 2 are stylish as ever, and capable of matching with any home or office.


Fun fact: it’s 270- degree swivel head motion provides quicker, wider cooling reach. It is also equip with a three-step filter system with it’s anti-bacterial, electrostatic, and carbon filters that are sure to keep the air you breathe clean, clean, clean!


And my personal favorite part about the XPower 2, it has a high Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) of up to 17.7. You’ll get powerful cooling without spending too much on your electricity bill!


So if you’re looking for some sophisticated (and stylish) comfort, Carrier is the brand for you!

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