Wow! Can you believe it, the new addition is almost here! My new baby boy is just around the corner, its like I am waiting for Santa to drop him off. I have enjoyed every minute of pregnancy, the baby movements are getting stronger and stronger. My doctor is telling me that I have a big baby in there and that he actually is one month bigger than he is suppose to be.
Useful prego loves that have helped me til now are….
Apps – Babycenter, What to Expect and I’m expecting
For Stretch marks – Bio Oil
Nic and I went to The Jets concert the day I turned 28 weeks. We went with a couple of our close friends who are big fans of the 80s sensation group. It was amazing and inspiring to know The Jets are an American family band from MinneapolisMinnesota, composed of brothers and sisters who specialize in popR&B, and dance music, particularly Latin freestyle.
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The 8 oldest children consist the band, the family has 17 children and two adopted total of 19. This amazed me the most because I thought my family was huge already, my hubby and I were inspired after hearing their stories and how they all have their own families and children. One of the band members has 13 children already and had the 13th baby at the concert touring with him and his wife. We had the privilege on meeting them after the concert and just congratulating them on how amazing they are.
Gosh can you believe how fun it would be at family gatherings and all the children and grandchildren they have. My husband is ready to multiply even more, oh my goodness, I have one cooking and we are already talking about the next one. I guess its all up to God, I will be happy either way.
Happy hubby happy life  =)