No words can define the euphoria when my husband and I, together with our children crossed the finish line.

Together, we were able to conquer the Tough Mudder challenge!

I was high-strung and ecstatic at the same time before heading to Amore at Portofino to be part of the first ever Tough Mudder in Asia. My family and I were pumped and more than ready to take on the challenge. As soon as we arrived the venue, we immediately got our kits. The Tough Mudder kit consists of (1) Tough Mudder tank top, (1) Race bib, (2) wristband passes – one for our baggage and one that we would be wearing throughout the whole challenge.

After claiming our Tough Mudder kits, we headed to the starting line to warm-up. Chris made it a fun and exhilarating experience getting us all hyped up and ready to take on what lied ahead. We then took a knee and said the Tough Mudder pledge. We pointed to the sky and said, “I OVERCOME ALL FEARS!”

Before we knew it- the 10 second countdown begun, we rushed to the first course “The Kiss of Mud” and I am telling you, it was really muddy, it was the muddiest pathway I have ever crossed in my life. We had to crawl really low and roll over the muddy surface to get to next obstacle course as we stayed low, making sure we didn’t hit the wires. 

TIP: Throughout the course there will be obstacles with water so take advantage of it and clean yourself


The next obstacle was the “A-Hole Rings”

Our hands were completely covered in mud so we had to carry each other and cling hard on to the mount rings for us to get across. It was difficult but with teamwork and cooperation, we conquered it.

After a couple of miles walking we arrived at the SkidMarked.

Nico getting over the wall with Nic’s help


Moses almost over the wall

To get over the wall, we had to carry and push each other one by one all the way up. It was difficult because all of us were covered in mud and it was slippery, but we powered through!

All the obstacles were hard and teamwork is a must but the toughest obstacle? I would probably say was the “Pyramid Scheme”.

To get over the “Pyramid Scheme” everyone had to work together as a team and form a slanted human ladder against the reclined wall so that each of us, turn by turn could go all the way up and help bring teammates up and pass the obstacle together. 

Nic being the biggest and strongest around was the base. He held the human ladder long enough for Nico and about three other people to go up before they switched up the arrangement.

As we were walking to the finish line, I did not feel any exhaustion, it was actually such a relief and an accomplishment that we actually crossed most of the obstacles. Glory awaited us at the finish line with the Tough Mudder Finisher Headbands.

The best part of my first ever Tough Mudder in Asia experience is I got the chance to do it with my family. It is definitely more fun if you do it with your friends and family.  I can say that I was really proud running through the muddy road and conquering each obstacle together as a team, as a family.

A lot of teamwork and camaraderie was shown throughout the whole challenge. I have never seen so many people offer a hand to one another, as part of the Tough Mudder pledge that we should help fellow mudders to get through and finish the course.

The worst part? Nothing! I am more than glad and grateful to have been part of the first ever Tough Mudder in Asia. I am looking forward to join the next Tough Mudder Philippines this coming November 2018. Thank you Tough Mudder Philippines for this extremely tough, one of a kind experience!

If you are interested in joining- just do it. You will not regret it!